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13978 Old 215 Frontage Road # A, Moreno Valley, California 92553

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  • Oct, 26, 2018
    justin bailey
    Had hundreds of dollars worth of business done here as a first time customer, and was really hoping they would be very good with customer service if anything even happends. And a mechanic a few weeks later messed with the alarm they installed and couldn't get it back to work. So advanced stereo stepped in and took care of the mechanics mistake no questions asked. I was in and out within 15 minutes. All they ask for is a receipt and they will take care of the rest . Very happy with everything here
  • Sep, 02, 2018
    Eddie A
    "The grateful dead".. Is alive here at advance.. and what an advantage we have for having a place that is courteous, efficient, respectful, and most of all inexpensive... thanks John for the convo..&The great job installing my speakers.. real talk brother.. blessed are those that come to this shop.. and blessed are those that work for this shop.. Moreno valley needs more places like this to give us the confidence to trust more of are local businesses.. quality better then quantity..
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